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A letter of thanks to a Veteran on Veteran’s Day….

The definition of thank you is, “a polite expression used when acknowledging a gift, service, or compliment, or accepting”. We want to acknowledge the gift you gave us – freedom. Your service is one that should be noticed. You have sacrificed more than just time when you signed up to serve our great country. You gave up holidays, birthdays, first moments with family, sleep, comfort, a home cooked meal and perhaps; the ultimate sacrifice; your life. We want you to know that this has not gone unnoticed. We appreciate and give thanks for what you have done for our country not only today but every day.

People say it takes the right person to serve others. We are so thankful that you decided to be that person; to serve our country and people around the world. Without your service, we would not have our freedom.
So, happy Veteran’s Day today and every day.

From the Mains’l Crew